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Authors: Pavla Kramolišová, Lucie Kondrová, Olga Moravcová, Štěpán Kafka (Czech Geological Survey)

This Documentation provides detailed instuctions on using the the EGDI Metadata Catalogue as geospatial metadata catalogue and metadata editing tool.

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The EGDI Metadata Catalogue is available from: http://egdi.geology.cz/.


  • OGC CSW 2.0.2 ISO AP 1.0

  • ISO 19115/19119/19139

  • Feature Catalogue - ISO 19110

  • INSPIRE extended capabilities

  • Output: ISO 19139, JSON, GeoDCAT, ATOM, KML, HTML, RDFa

  • INSPIRE ATOM download service imlementation

  • Support for remote registries and thesauri (e.g. INSPIRE registry)


EGDI metadata profile is compliant with the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive for the metadata; the EN ISO 19115 terminology is implemented. Metadata are freely accessible to the public for viewing and searching, but inserting and editing is for authorized users only. For login use the login information that you received by personal email from the administrator (egdi.metadata@geology.cz).

Figure 1: The home page of the EGDI Metadata Catalogue

Figure 1: The home page of the EGDI Metadata Catalogue

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